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Ekovolt Provides Free Unlimited High Speed Wireless Service to Gbaja Girls Senior High School Students

October 2017

Gbaja Girls Senior High School, Surulere will receive Ekovolt’s unlimited high speed wireless Internet service connectivity through a multi-year initiative to increase digital literacy and gender empowerment in Nigeria.

Lagos, Nigeria – Emeka Ebo, Managing Director for Ekovolt announced that more than 700 Gbaja Girls High School students and faculty will receive Ekovolt’s unlimited high-speed wireless Internet service as part of Ekovolt’s corporate and social responsibilities with focus on increasing digital literacy.

Through Ekovolt’s unlimited Internet service, participating faculty and student will receive unlimited Internet to support classroom training, educational activities and access to information.

Gbaja Girls Senior High School, Surulere is the first of many schools for Ekovolt’s Internet Access Program.

Internet connectivity is expensive in under-served communities. In Nigeria, for example, the $80 average cost of monthly broadband packages is nearly double the national minimum wage of $50 (18,000 naira). 

“Ekovolt has seen that the power of the Internet gives people unprecedented access to information, educates students and can completely transform one's learning experience and we believe there should be no obstacles to a girl’s potential,” said Emeka Ebo, Ekovolt’s Managing Director. “We’re excited about the effect Ekovolt’s project could have for girls education in Lagos. We believe the next great expert in any field is out there and we want to ensure they have all the right tools to succeed”.

“We are indeed honored to have been chosen as one of the beneficiaries of Ekovolt’s corporate social responsibility initiative. This will help make teaching and learning effective for both students and staff. The school is highly indebted to Ekovolt for this great gesture”  said Obioma Ikube, Principal, Gbaja Girls Senior High School.

About Ekovolt:

Ekovolt is a telecommunications and information services company revolutionizing broadband access in Nigeria by delivering unlimited reliable and affordable Internet access.