Ekovolt, in collaboration with the Microsoft Airband initiative aimed at bridging existing gender gap in underserved communities provided Gbaja Girls High School students with computers for their ICT laboratory, along with consistent solar-powered electricity and reliable internet, fostering a digital transformation in the students’ education. This¬†comprehensive support did not only transform the students’ educational experience, but it also facilitated a significant shift toward digital advancement in their academic pursuits. By empowering the girls with diverse and sought-after digital skills, the Gbaja Girls school project has opened doors for these students to access various opportunities in the digital space. A batch of successful beneficiaries graduated from Gbaja Girls High School, Surulere in 2022 and have proceeded to tertiary institutions in Nigeria.


Here are a few testimonies from their alumni.

Thanks to Ekovolt and Microsoft, I had a great beginning to my Information Technology studies. The computers at school and the dependable internet they gave us allowed me to check out important IT materials which got me started on this path- Nkwocha Faith, University of Technology Owerri.

This initiative played a significant role in laying the foundation for my university journey, particularly in my decision to pursue a degree in Physics. The access to school computers and dependable internet enabled me to read and learn more about physics, ultimately leading me to choose Physics as my course of study- Oluwadamilare Opemipo, University of Lagos

In Addition, Ekovolt also initiated a community outreach program tailored for the students of Gbaja Girls High School.

Ekovolt’s initiative at Gbaja Girls High School made a significant impact on the SS2 science class by focusing on digital communication skills. The interactive workshop provided practical training in email etiquette, composing well-structured messages, and efficient inbox management. Students also learned common tools for effective virtual teamwork, emphasizing communication’s importance in today’s digital era. Encouraging creative expression, we created a comfortable environment for the girls to explore technology’s benefits and the long-term career advantages of mastering these skills, highlighting how they open diverse job opportunities. Umoh Habibat and Anthony Mary applied this training by emailing a tech company for internships, showcasing how this program equips students with practical skills and fosters confident communication, preparing them for the job market. The program received an overwhelmingly positive response from the students as they actively participated, expressing enthusiasm for improving their digital
communication skills. We remain committed to supporting the students and fostering a generation of
confident digital communicators.

It’s no doubt that Ekovolt and Microsoft Airband initiative to help Gbaja Girls bridge the digital divide, has shown remarkable success. This success has led us to reaffirm our commitment to providing reliable connectivity and power supply, ensuring that this transformative program continues to thrive.

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