Following our successful implementation of connectivity solutions in 100 institutions, encompassing schools, hospitals, and religious sectors, USAID has entrusted us with a new mission. Building on the success in these diverse sectors, USAID has asked us to connect  more institutions, furthering our commitment to creating a network that not only help business thrive but leaves a lasting impact on various sectors of society.

A Highlight Amongst Many: Rabboni Dental Clinic

Among the new installations, we are proud to announce the inclusion of Rabboni Dental Clinic, a women-led enterprise, standing as a testament to our commitment to empowering communities across different sectors, including healthcare.










Rabboni Dental Clinic, a distinguished oral healthcare facility dedicated to delivering excellence in dental services. Led by a dynamic team of women, Rabboni Dental Clinic is committed to providing high-quality patient care, encompassing a comprehensive range of services. These include teeth alignment, extractions, oral hygiene, and expert management of various dental disorders. With a focus on complete care, preventive dentistry, smile makeovers, and restorative dentistry, Rabboni Dental Clinic stands as a beacon of commitment to exceptional oral health.

Bridging Digital Divides and Enhancing Access in Emerging Markets:

Embarking on this new chapter of connectivity across schools, hospitals, and religious sectors, we remain committed to our shared vision of progress. Through the power of connection, we aim to transform not just institutions but entire communities. Collaborating with USAID, we aim to continue bridging digital divide and bolster digital access in emerging markets.


In the spirit of collaboration and progress, we are honored to undertake this new challenge set forth by USAID. As we connect schools, hospitals, and religious sectors, we are reminded that true success lies in the positive impact we create. Here’s to a future where connectivity serves as a catalyst for transformative change, and where every connected institution in schools, hospitals, and religious sectors contributes to a better tomorrow.


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