“Empowerment through Connectivity: Stories of Change and Growth”

In a world where connectivity is a fundamental part of our daily lives, the USAID-Microsoft-Resonance partnership, in collaboration with Ekovolt, embarked on a mission to bolster digital access in emerging markets. Ekovolt, a chosen Internet Service Provider (ISP), extended this initiative to various sectors, including healthcare, education, and religious institutions. 

The stories of Harvey Healthcare Hospital and Hopespring Foundation School showcase the powerful impact of reliable internet access. These institutions were able to transform their operations and provide better care and education to their communities thanks to the support of USAID, Microsoft, Resonance, and Ekovolt.

At Harvey Healthcare Hospital, the previous struggle with a crippling internet problem significantly hampered their daily operations, causing extensive delays in attending to patients. However, with the introduction of the USAID-Ekovolt Initiative during their integration process, a remarkable turnaround occurred.

Madam Tope Elufiade, the Head of Health Management Information System, vividly recalls the transition: “Our operations faced significant hindrances due to internet challenges. This intervention completely transformed our patient care, slashing waiting times by 25% and accelerating the sharing of test results.” She underscored the essential role played by this initiative in streamlining operations, enabling the medical team to offer more efficient and timely care to patients. Furthermore, she highlighted how doctors’ seamless access to vital medical resources online has contributed to the enhancement of their expertise.

The hospital, previously known for its tedious corridors, now hums with efficiency, greatly impacting their daily operations. This substantial transformation vividly illustrates how reliable internet access has fundamentally improved the healthcare experience for everyone involved.


Similarly, the USAID-Ekovolt initiative proved to be a transformative milestone at Hopespring Foundation School, dedicated to providing exceptional education for children with special needs. This collaboration significantly broadened access to a wide array of educational materials, fostering an inclusive learning environment tailored to cater to the distinctive requirements of each student.

Mr. Cole, the IT personnel, emphasized the initiative’s profound impact, stating, “This transformative initiative cultivated an environment conducive to each student’s thriving, particularly within the school’s online-centric educational setting. It effectively improved resource accessibility and facilitated interactive, individualized education, aligning seamlessly with the school’s mission to nurture an inclusive and digitally enriched learning environment for students with special needs.”

These real-life stories highlight the tangible change that can occur through digital transformation and reliable connectivity. It’s a movement towards a more connected and empowered future, where access to reliable internet can bridge gaps and transform lives in healthcare, education, and beyond.

The impact of these initiatives serves as a reminder of the importance of accessible connectivity for all and the potential it holds for empowering communities and creating lasting change.

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